Thinking of moving and want to have a better idea on the market around you?

An important task before you put your home on the market is getting an appraisal. Knowing what has sold around you and how those sales compare can be very helpful in setting your price expectations. It is beneficial to you as the vendor, if you are well educated before you start marketing your property to buyers. You don't want to miss the market and the correct buyers for your property!

It can also be a great opportunity to get a good understanding about the process of selling your home and how an agent plans to get you a premium price.


There is a lot of choice out there when it comes time to selecting your preferred real estate agent and to be honest a lot of real estate agents do the same thing… we can all book your marketing, pop up a sign board and turn up to open homes, it’s not complicated!

What defines an extraordinary real estate agent is the extra level of service they will go to behind the scenes to help you achieve a PREMIUM PRICE!

It is important you feel comfortable with the agent you are working with and can openly ask any questions you may have and feel confident they won’t put pressure on you during the campaign. For me, it is essential that I listen to your needs and get a really good understanding of what is most important to you so I can tailor my service to suit.

When selling a home, you’re likely to be competing against other properties on the market. This is why it is critical to have a tailor made marketing package that will first of all suit your property and the buyers you are trying to target. For every property I market, I explain all the avenues you can go down. I do not advise to purchase everything as I know your money is valuable! Only what marketing avenues will get your property seen by the most amount of people for as little as possible.

One of the biggest pitfalls for some agents can often be communication with their owner. This is something I feel strongly about as I feel it is one of the most important tools to decreasing levels of stress and anxiety for many owners. I make sure you are fully informed through out the whole process! From time of listing I will make sure you feel comfortable and know what’s going on as we prepare to go live on the market. After every open home I will give you a call or send you a txt if you’re not available. You will get weekly reports including all the feedback with who has been through along side the online hits. We can also meet each week to have a run down on how things have gone and what to expect from the week ahead.

For every property I list it is essential I guarantee my service to them. Normally when you sign up with an agent you are locking yourself in for a period of 90 days. Sometimes the agent you choose will pretend to be your best friend during the appraisal and once you sign up with them, the level of service starts to change and you stop hearing from them as often. During my appraisal I sign a page explaining that for what ever reason if you are not satisfied with my service, you can cancel the contract and go else where. I do this because I genuinely care about my clients and it is important you feel comfortable with your selection. I know how hard I work and the level of service I put in means you won’t want to cancel. This is me guaranteeing my service to you!

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