Everyone wants to show appreciation to their kids’ teachers come Christmas, but buying gifts can add up fast, especially if you have more than one child or more than one teacher. 

Put together a simple holiday gift every teacher will appreciate without hurting your Christmas budget with one of these great ideas. 

Plant The Seeds Of Thanks

A great way to show appreciation is with flowers, but it means even more if you grow them yourself.  Pick up a packet of flower seeds and some basic pots.  Let your kids decorate the pot with markers, paint, stickers, glitter, and any other décor you can think of.

Fill each pot with a little potting soil and plant a seed.  Be sure to do this ahead of time so it will have time to sprout before you give it to the teacher.  This gift that continues to grow can stay in the pot, or the teacher can move it to their garden when spring comes around.


Bake Up Some Love

There’s nothing quite like homemade cookies, and they are extra meaningful when you let your kids do the decorating.  Bake up a batch of basic sugar cookies, and give your kids frosting and sprinkles to create their own special cookies for their teachers.

Place the cookies on a paper plate and wrap the whole thing in decorative cellophane, which you can find at your local supermarket.  Tie it with a ribbon and you have a pretty and tasty treat that will be enjoyed not just for the flavor but also for the thought that was put into it.


A Cup Of Warmth

Put together a sweet and warming treat for a teacher with a mug and a packet of hot chocolate mix.  Visit a local discount store to find holiday mugs at a great price, and pick up a box of hot chocolate mix packets.  Place one packet in each mug, and wrap with colourful cellophane.  Tie it off with a ribbon.

Any of these gifts will warm a teacher’s heart, and you can finish them off by having your child make a personal holiday card with construction paper and some markers and stickers.  Let them draw a picture and sign the card themselves for the perfect holiday greeting to go along with that sweet homemade gift.

Say thank you and wish a teacher a wonderful holiday season, even on a budget, with any of these fabulous gift ideas.