The Team.

To deliver fantastic results, you can't always rely on one person. We have a superb team who are dedicated to providing excellent service and achieving an extraordinary outcome for you. 



Ben Macky - Manager/Owner

  • Ex owner of one of New Zealand’s largest Real Estate Franchises

  • I was consistently in the top 3% of agents for one of New Zealand’s largest real estate franchises

  • Being involved in the sales transaction for well over 700 properties

  • 15 years of sales experience

  • Sold properties for members of parliament

  • Managed a 70 million dollar council subdivision along with several others for private developers

  • Number 1 Agent in New Zealand under 30 2009 (29 years old)

  • Number 1 Agent in New Zealand under 30 2008 (28 years old)

Tim Obern.jpg

Tim obern | AUCTIONEER

Tim has worked in the real estate industry for 13 years, with over 7 years devoted to auctioneering. Having called in excess of 4500 auctions for clients from the Far North to Christchurch, Tim has a vast understanding of the national real estate market and the auction process.  

He is recognised for his strength in negotiation, often surpassing price expectations. Tim is also a highly regarded as a sales coach, having trained over 1000 salespeople across New Zealand. As head trainer for Elite Auctioneers, Tim delivers energetic and customised training sessions for clients, to help further their businesses. 


Clearcut Image.png

Maddi Cheesman - Marketing/designer

A creative eye and attention to detail is what you get from Maddi. An essential part of the team helping make your property stand out from the crowd!

When deadlines need to be met or ads booked, Maddi is on it. She ensures our team works like a well oiled machine.


Nicola GIlliver - Executive assistant

The hero behind the scenes, Nicola guarantees everything is processed properly and in order. While your on the market and especially before you go live, it is important to know all the boxes have been ticked and everything is in place.