Keeping an eye on key statistics for the property market can be very helpful, whether you are buying, selling or sitting tight for several years and just want to keep an eye on how the market is tracking. 

We wanted to create something that was simple to read and nice to look at. You will find key statistics for the Torbay below. If you want see information for other areas, click on the 'STATISTICS' heading above or via the tab in the top right corner if you are using a mobile device.



February 2018 - February 2019

Median Sale Price


Number of Houses Sold

Median Days to Sell

Bedroom Breakdown - Median Sale Price

all data is sourced from REINZ


Address Sale Price Sale Date Days To Sell Bedrooms Floor Area Land Area Sale Tenure
27 Law Street, Torbay, Auckland $1,155,000 7-Feb-19 null 4 282 m2 Freehold
27 Law Street, Torbay, Auckland $1,146,800 28-Feb-19 24 4 282 m2 Freehold
2/22 Manuwai Road, Torbay, Auckland $1,135,000 25-Feb-19 124 4 190 Crosslease
108 Stredwick Drive, Torbay, Auckland $1,027,000 18-Feb-19 102 4 220 1093 m2 Freehold
60 Danbury Drive, Torbay, Auckland $960,650 21-Feb-19 63 3 170 644 m2 Freehold
100 Glenvar Road, Torbay, Auckland $926,000 4-Feb-19 68 3 100 693 m2 Freehold
12 Tempo Place, Torbay, Auckland $910,000 15-Feb-19 11 4 130 712 m2 Freehold
13 Dunraven Place, Torbay, Auckland $868,000 27-Feb-19 136 4 120 1158 m2 Freehold
1/15 Long Bay Drive, Torbay, Auckland $840,000 7-Feb-19 98 5 240 Crosslease
2/14 Cranston Street, Torbay, Auckland $730,000 12-Feb-19 40 3 80 Freehold
15 Gerontius Glade, Torbay, Auckland $700,000 28-Feb-19 21 3 100 684 m2 Freehold
1/18 Holt Avenue, Torbay, Auckland $671,000 22-Feb-19 57 2 90 880 m2 Crosslease
Carlisle Road, Torbay, Auckland $575,000 15-Feb-19 31 551 m2 Freehold

The Area

The Torbay area can be found near top of the North Shore. The name comes from Torbay in the south east of Devon, England. Torbay has become more and more popular with a fantastic community feel. There are great parks and beaches on your door step such as Long Bay Regional Park and Waiake Beach.

There is a small cluster of shops located in Olde Torbay along with the local tennis club. There is a great choice of restaurants in the nearby suburb of Browns Bay such as Ramen Takara and Yaruki. If you are looking for something a bit more european, give the Deep Creek Brews & Eats a go.

There are several popular schools in the area such as Torbay Primary and Glamorgan Primary. For the older kids, Long Bay College is located in the Northern area of Torbay.